JoJo's Bizarre Explainer

by Elizabeth Simins, Courtney Stanton, and Darius Kazemi | @explainjojo | email us | rss

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! Either you love it, or you've never seen it. But what exactly is JoJo? Why is everyone talking about it? Why is it so great? Whether this is your first foray into Hirohiko Araki's decades-spanning masterpiece, or you're a seasoned JoJo Opinion Haver looking for more of your kind, JoJo's Bizarre Explainer is here for you! Hosted by Elizabeth Simins, Courtney Stanton, and Darius Kazemi, this podcast will tease out the running motifs, fascinating weirdnesses, occasional dog deaths, and ineffable charm of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure—anime-episode by anime-episode, with stops along the way for the manga, the videogames, and whatever else we can get our hands on. Join us as we attempt to do the impossible: Explain JoJo!

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If you're looking to watch along with us, you can stream it at Amazon Video, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and VIZ Media. You can also get the absolutely gorgeous Blu-ray of Seasons 1 & 2 on Amazon. There's also a brand new English dub of Stardust Crusaders over at Adult Swim but it does require a cable subscription to watch most episodes.